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Бронируйте напрямую с нами, и насладитесь преимуществами, перечисленными ниже, без минимального периода проживания
  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP-встреча по прилету, Вас встретят у трапа самолета и на лимузине доставят в комфортный VIP-зал, где иммиграционные и другие вопросы будут урегулированы от Вашего имени
  • Приветственные подарки, включая шампанское и тарелку с гастрономическими изысками
  • Ежедневный завтрак «в любом месте в любое время»
  • Фирменные мини-закуски подаются в течение дня в баре у бассейна
  • Приглашение на ежедневные коктейли на закате
  • Бесплатное проживание и питание вместе с родителями для двоих детей до 12 лет (блюда для детей доступны в детском меню)
  • Ранний заезд и поздний выезд по возможности, зависит от наличия свободных вилл в отеле

*принять условия*

Come as you are, and in your own time
Solasta Spa is dedicated to subtly transformative moments – to stillness, the release of tension, the childlike liberation of unfettered movement.

A moment to catch your breath; another to expel it. To defiantly dispel fatigue, or wholeheartedly embrace it. To revel in the freedom of a quiet mind. All at your own pace, in your way and a time that suits your purpose. Free from rigidity and restraint.

Three glass-bottomed, over-water treatment pavilions at this hotel in Maldives await at any hour. Or bring the spa to your house with an in-room treatment. Begin or end your moment in the sauna, steam bath or open-air bath. Surrender to utter bliss in one of our two over-water relaxation lounges. Our focus is on natural healing, enhanced by organic products by Maison Caulieres and Omorovicza.

Sala to the sea and sky
An untethered space where the body is refined, and consciousness augmented.

The grace of movement, focused poise and body alignment draw practitioners in, healing wounds within and mending injuries without. Come create an alternate space where you can escape the pressures of daily life.

At Solasta Spa, we offer the opportunity to practice yoga in any way you please: classical Hatha postures and breathing; Ashtrang 6 series; flowing Vinyasa; slow, extended holds for joint mobility strength of Yin; or Aerial yoga poses another angle. The parameters are as varied and profound as your practice. We host Freedom Yoga each morning and evening. Salute the sun at dawn or bid it farewell as it journeys across the meridian. Our yogis offer expertise, inspiration and encouragement as they escort you along a path of personal expression through yogic practice and meditation.

Join us for our daily complimentary scheduled yoga, fitness and meditation sessions.