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Dive Below the Deep Azure
Just beyond the shores of The Nautilus exists a world beyond time, rich in natural beauty and elemental freedoms.

Slip just beneath the surface to deep blue waters and experience freedom without care. Hunt for natural treasures, explore hidden reefs or float weightlessly alongside gentle giants of the sea. The UNESCO Biosphere of Baa Atoll is home to kaleidoscopic marine life unique to Maldivian waters, a wonderland of breathtaking experiences just waiting to be explored.

With access to over 40 dive sites, run by AquaNautica PADI dive centre, we offer a variety of Maldives diving excursions in Baa Atoll and further afield, with many of our dive trips being private. Our multi-lingual team run diving courses in the Maldives, refresher and advanced diving for divers of all levels and experience.

Let our resident marine biologist introduce you to the wonders of the local reefs. You can participate in their rehabilitation by planting your own corals during your stay.

Top 10 Dive spots



This thila is small swim away from the main reef where in the season manta rays are regularly seen. Beautiful Black coral bushes are everywhere on this small thila.

Points of interest: manta rays (during season), schooling fusiliers and snappers, green turtles, batfish, stone corals.


Consists of a pinnacle which comes to a point and faces into the prevailing current of the reef at about 22 metres. There is a swim through at 25 metres which you pass and ascend to around 18 metres to find its entrance. The swim-through is quite narrow so care must be taken to pass through.

Points of interest: One of the best reefs in Baa Atoll – long reef – grey reef sharks, eagle rays and manta rays in season– abundant fish life – overhangs.


This reef can be dived on both sides. On the East Side of the reef you can see Eagle rays. On the West End of the reef there is a cross-over to the main reef, which is covered with yellow soft corals, and in the deeper overhangs are often Nurse Sharks or a Sting Ray having their daily nap. The top of the reef reaches up to 4 meters

Points of interest: big overhangs- pelagic fish, nurse sharks, soft corals, scorpion fish, octopus, schools of banner fish and bat fish.


The house reef of Milaidhoo offers some interesting overhangs, which are nicely covered with red-orange-yellow soft corals. Ideally dived with a light medium current, in order to see the soft corals open. Lots of overhangs line the north-side of this reef.

Points of interest: great night dives, beautiful orange and yellow soft corals, big overhangs, nudibranchs, macro photography.


A long wall dive with overhangs covered with yellow soft corals and you can dive it both ways. A very colourful dive with a stunning amount on fish life in the shallower depths.

Points of interest: overhangs, soft corals, abundance of schooling fish.


A narrow curved thila connected to the main reef, with a very interesting landscape. Its location makes this dive one of the easier ones, but still one of the most beautiful dives. The top of the reef is 6m and leaf fish and even ghost pipe fish have been spotted here.

Points of interest: in season manta rays, honeycomb moray eels, scorpion fish, sweetlips, blue-striped snappers


A gorgeous thila, with a small canyon on the west, one on the north and overhangs covered with soft corals and anemones. It hosts a large variety of schooling fish, which are chased by giant trevallies and tunas. It’s an amazing site for macro photography although one should lift the head sometimes as the resident turtle, eagle & sting ray and barracuda may appear.

Points of interest: canyon, overhangs soft corals, pelagic fish, turtles, eagle rays


A famous dive spot known as there is a very wide hole where you can swim through. It is a very adventurous drift dive as the current splits at one point in the middle of the reef, where you are completely driven by its flow. Frog fishes, leaf fishes and some special nudibranchs are part of the dives, as well as larger predators in the deep blue.

Points of interest: swim through, sting ray, turtle, moray eels.