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  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP welcome on arrival from the airplane and private fast-track immigration and customs from the comfort of the VIP lounge
  • Welcome amenities inclusive of champagne and gourmet platter
  • Daily breakfast “anywhere anytime”
  • Deli-style bites at the pool bar till sunset
  • Daily sunset cocktails
  • Complimentary stay and meals for two children below 12 years
    (children eat from our kids’ menu)
  • Early check-in & late check-out subject to availability

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Destination|Experience, 11.Jan.2022

What’s the best Maldives bar without the perfect Gin & Tonic?

The Nautilus Maldives’ bars are famous for their gin and tonics. Not only because they boast the largest collection of fine gins in the Maldives, but also because of the flair with which we concoct delicious gin cocktails.

The biggest gin collection in the Maldives

Our range of gins is truly something special. It’s vast – boasting more than 60 different varieties from 14 countries across the globe. It’s also diverse – featuring spirits from world-famous distilleries as well as excellent artisanal gins from lesser-known boutique establishments.

Among these many special spirits, you can look forward to the likes of:

1.Monkey 47 (Germany), whose gin recipe combines 47 ingredients from its Black Forest surrounds

2. The Botanist (Scotland), which includes 22 hand-picked botanicals foraged on the island of Islay

3. Roku (Japan), which translates as ‘six’ – referring to the number of local ingredients (including traditional green teas) embodied by this beautiful hexagon bottle

4. Cruxland Kalahari Truffle (South Africa), redistilled with 100% grape spirits and infused with Kalahari truffles – mushroom delicacies foraged in the Kalahari Desert.

Our tropical take on a much-loved drink

Gin originated in Europe and is a national favourite in Britain, but we believe it’s best enjoyed during a beautiful Maldivian sunset. This is a spirit perfected in the pairing: it goes beautifully with gorgeous surroundings, craft tonics, flavoured ice cubes and, of course, the best company.

The Nautilus’s special blends and creative concoctions are dreamed up by our expert mixologist, Piyal Rathnayaka. Piyal’s perfect G & T begins with ice – jumbo-sized ice globes created in-house, with piquant flavour profiles of rosemary, cucumber, orange zest, lemon zest, grapefruit zest or lime. The selection of tonics is also impressive, with options like the premium Fever-Tree range of Aromatic, Elderflower, Indian or Natural Light; as well as other tonics and mixers of cucumber and basil. And if that’s not enough, our specialist mixologist team can whip up one-of-a-kind bespoke tonics on the spot. Imagine tantalising blends of grapefruit, thyme, cinnamon leaves and pepper; or pomegranate, rosemary, cinnamon bar and cardamom. Finally, each gin and tonic is served with finesse in a gorgeous glass goblet.

The ultimate gin bar

The best kind of gin bar is the one that’s best for you. At The Nautilus, we take pleasure in serving you whatever you like, wherever you like. Perhaps you’re keen for a sundowner at the stunning Naiboli poolside lounge – where loungers and cabanas invite you to sink into the refined but relaxed ambience, as you nibble on complimentary gourmet canapés, and drink in live music and spectacular views on tap. Or maybe you’re in the mood for something personal and intimate, served up somewhere on secluded sands or at your in-house private bar, where your personal house master and barman will deftly conjure up some gin delights. Whatever your fancy, we’ll make it happen.

Make your own gin cocktails

For now, wherever in the world you find yourself, we invite you to enjoy a taste of a tropical G & T, in true Nautilus-style. Piyal has devised the following two combinations for you to try at home. Simply combine the ingredients, and let them work their magic.


60 ml Roku gin
100 ml Fever-Tree Natural Light tonic
Lemon zest ice cube
Twist of orange zest
Homemade pomegranate tonic


60 ml Cruxland gin
100ml Fever-Tree Indian tonic
Rosemary ice cube
Twist of lemon zest

If you have a taste for the finest food and beverages – and for the barefoot life of Maldivian luxury – The Nautilus offers just what you need. Get in touch at to find out more about our culinary vision of unscripted dining.