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  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP welcome on arrival from the airplane and private fast-track immigration and customs from the comfort of the VIP lounge
  • Welcome amenities inclusive of champagne and gourmet platter
  • Daily breakfast “anywhere anytime”
  • Deli-style bites at the pool bar till sunset
  • Daily sunset cocktails
  • Complimentary stay and meals for two children below 12 years
    (children eat from our kids’ menu)
  • Early check-in & late check-out subject to availability

*terms and conditions apply*

Destination|Experience|Lifestyle, 03.Apr.2022

What makes The Nautilus one of the leading private island experiences in the world?

What makes The Nautilus one of the leading private island experiences in the world?

Which is the leading private island experience in the world? We truly believe it’s The Nautilus. We have many reasons why we think we deserve this title and the readers of Condé Nast Traveler and Tatler agreed but here, we’ve outlined our reasons.

These reasons are more than just a rationale; they are principles specifically designed to echo our vision, our very reason for being – namely, to invite guests to discover life’s rarest treasures at an exclusive ultra-luxury island getaway. Read on for a sampling of the treasures that embody The Nautilus experience.

1. Time stands still ~ freedom from the demands of daily life

The Nautilus offers a retreat from the relentless demands of time – from work schedules and deadlines, from life’s rigid routines, from society’s fixed operating hours. We believe that freedom from clock-watching is one of life’s most precious luxuries; it allows for mindful presence, moments of real connection, the freedom to simply be.

As such, on our shores you won’t find any clocks, schedules or closing times. Time is fluid – as days shift lazily into nights, unrushed. You’re invited to do as the day takes you: to wake up late and enjoy vintage champagne in bed. To slip into your private pool or dive into an impromptu ocean-bound adventure. To feast on your favourite foods whatever the hour – and wherever the location.

2. Comforts of home ~ a private stay uniquely yours

Our houses and residences balance exotic flavour with familiar comforts; a bohemian island charm infuses a pervading sense of home. Every one of our 26 houses and residences has been created as an exclusive environment and personal sanctum where you can let your hair down and enjoy the seclusion of a desert island atmosphere – sharing beautiful scenery and beautiful moments with your loved ones alone. Each abode is fitted with everything needed for privacy and intimacy: unobstructed views from every bedroom, an infinity pool of your own, and modern conveniences at hand.

What’s more, The Nautilus’s bespoke style of hospitality ensures that your island home-away-from-home is uniquely yours: with a personalised pantry and private bar, tailored reading matter and even a pool temperature set to your exact preference. Your House Master – your own, dedicated butler – further facilitates the ultimate in personalisation, arranging unique delights like private pool parties, home-style meals on the sun deck, and in-house spa treatments and yoga sessions.

3. Free-spirited experiences ~ do, or be, as you please

The Nautilus specialises in putting together experiences that are free from set itineraries and cookie-cutter formulas. Liberation is the name of the game: you’re invited to do – or simply be – as you please, whatever suits your particular rhythm.

Think spontaneous dives into the world-renowned Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, to experience first-hand the marvel of the manta rays. Or spirited excursions aboard a luxury yacht, with cocktail in hand and acoustic music on the wind. Perhaps it’s a day for lazy lie-ins and personalised spa journeys in our overwater spa. Or maybe it’s time for a sandbank cinema screening just for your family.

4. Unscripted dining ~ satisfying your particular tastes

Simply put, unscripted dining means eating whatever tickles your tastebuds – whenever and wherever you want. No opening hours or set mealtimes, and no dress codes. Whether you’re in the mood for an expertly conceived dish from our signature restaurant, Zeytoun, or a completely off-menu creation guided by your particular tastes, our award-winning chefs are waiting to satisfy your senses.

4am feasts, breakfast for dinner, dessert-only mealtimes – your dishes are limited only by your imagination. And location is also free range, meaning every setting on – and around – our island is available as the perfect rendezvous for unforgettable ambience. On the beach, boat or bed – we’ll serve your bespoke culinary journey in your venue of choice.

5. Art of bohemia ~ a passion for immersive inspiration/creativity

From the whimsical design of The Nautilus’s architecture, to the boho-chic furnishings that saturate every space, our style of creativity speaks of barefoot, laid-back luxury and a celebration of the individual spirit.

It’s a creativity that runs wild – spanning shore to shore, infusing every experience with unique imagination and a liberated perspective. Our passion for the arts includes a celebration of place, of the rich culture of the Maldives, with traditional live music serving up the soundtrack to your tropical getaway, and Maldivian craftwork yours to explore in fascinating interactive classes.

Indeed, creativity embodies our whole approach to tailoring your stay in the Maldives – consider your time with us a blank canvas on which to design your perfect retreat. Begin creating a world of your own making by contacting us at