The Nautilus Travel Guide FAQ - More Info

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  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP welcome on arrival from the airplane and private fast-track immigration and customs from the comfort of the VIP lounge
  • Welcome amenities inclusive of champagne and gourmet platter
  • Daily breakfast “anywhere anytime”
  • Deli-style bites at the pool bar till sunset
  • Daily sunset cocktails
  • Complimentary stay and meals for two children below 12 years
    (children eat from our kids’ menu)
  • Early check-in & late check-out subject to availability

*terms and conditions apply*

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The Nautilus House Master ~ Your Own, Personal Butler

Our House Master service is one of The Nautilus’s feature attractions; it takes ‘bespoke’ to a new level of luxury.

Think of your House Master as the ideal combination of a full butler service, your own personal assistant, an attentive host and a knowledgeable concierge tuned in to your individual needs. These super-hosts are as friendly as they are efficient. And they’re dedicated to you and your loved ones exclusively.

Wondering what exactly you can expect from our House Master service? Here are just some of the highlights.

1. Dedicated Contact, On Call Anytime

First and foremost, your House Master is your number-one contact person during your stay on our island – and even beyond. They are solely responsible for you and your loved ones; they get to know you better throughout the duration of your holiday, to become more familiar with your needs and preferences and, ultimately, to exceed your expectations of hospitality. A House Master has no shifts or set working hours: you are served by the same person day in, day out. They are your go-to connection to anything you’d like – or anything you’d like to know – and they’re on call anytime.

2. Careful, Considered Preparation

At The Nautilus, we can say with sincerity that we’ve been expecting you. Our care of your wellbeing begins long before you even set foot on our shores. Once you’ve booked your accommodation, you can expect your House Master to reach out to enquire about your particular preferences, dream activities, concerns and dislikes, to begin crafting a tailored escape for you and your loved ones.

On arrival, you’ll find your house or residence set up exactly to your tastes: your favourite drinks in the minibar; your choice of luxurious bath soaps; your preferred books, newspapers or magazines and your infinity pool temperature set to the perfect degree. You’ll be welcomed with a selection of once-in-a-lifetime suggestions and ideas on how to spend your sun-filled days, balmy nights and every lingering moment in between.

Of course, we also understand that needs shift: You are always welcome to change your mind or cancel plans; we are more than happy to adjust – and keep adjusting – to your particular rhythm.


3. Customised Experiences ~ From Thoughtful Details to Grand Gestures

Every guest is utterly unique, so every guest’s dream holiday should be unique. In fact, creating the perfect paradise escape individualised to each guest’s needs and preferences is the best part of our job.

We don’t believe in all-inclusive packages that leave you with little room to move – we are committed to providing you with outstanding, considered service, just the way you like it. It starts with the little things, the details that welcome you to your accommodation, the specific food and drink in the fridge. And, naturally, this kind of service is also vital when realising your more momentous holiday wishes; skydiving over our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, perhaps, or a marriage proposal on a secluded sandbank.

4. Your Needs Met in Your Time

At The Nautilus, our island-style maxim is ‘Time Stands Still’. Indeed, one of life’s luxuries is freedom from schedules and routines, from the demands of the clock and busy lives. To usher in this freedom in a practical sense, your House Master adjusts to your timing; their working day is shaped to your particular rhythms, so that you can enjoy your getaway at your own pace. Whatever you like, whenever you like, wherever you like; whether you have a hankering for breakfast for dinner or for a midnight massage, if you require a remote office setup with an unrivalled view, your House Master delights in satisfying your every whim. No request is too unusual or badly timed.

5. Family-Shaped for All Generations

Our bespoke style of service also means that every generation of your family is catered for. Each age group and life season has a wonderful variety of activities and diversions waiting to entice them, making The Nautilus a safe, ideal setting for a family holiday or reunion with relatives.

Your House Master curates a selection of suggestions suited to each individual. From customised kids’ programmes that encourage curiosity, learning and discovery of our unique natural environment; to teen-appropriate sports like stand-up paddle boarding. For the more mature guests, indulgences such as Solasta Spa treatments or impromptu ocean escapes are sure to satisfy. And to make your getaway extra peaceful, you are welcome to enjoy some alone time while you entrust your children to our professional babysitters.

Of course, there are also the family activities that transcend generations, that are sure to be memories in the making: dolphin safaris in the Baa Atoll, delicious family feasts and celebrations that cater to a medley of food requirements.

In essence, your House Master is the embodiment of hospitality – welcoming, discreet and eager to grant your holiday wishes. They look forward to getting to know you.

To begin crafting your perfect Nautilus moments, contact us anytime – at