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Destination|Experience|Lifestyle, 13.Apr.2022

Conscious luxury in the Maldives | The Nautilus’s commitment to sustainability and CSR

Our ultra-luxury island resort lies in the heart of the Maldives’ Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and with this enormous privilege comes great responsibility: conservation and sustainable practices are of the utmost importance in The Nautilus’s operations. But sustainability extends beyond environmental care – true sustainability embodies a holistic approach to environmental, social and economic health, each facet working together harmoniously to secure a better future for both planet and people.

Read on to find out about the sustainable measures we have in place.

1. Rehabilitating our coral reef

The coral reefs that encircle the Maldives are kaleidoscopic marvels. Home to a rich diversity of marine species, they play a central role in the balance of the ecosystem – and are a major attraction drawing thousands of visitors to the region every year. Sadly, reefs have suffered widespread destruction and are in dire need of not just protection, but proactive restoration. One way we achieve this is by inviting guests to ‘adopt’ a piece of coral, which can later be monitored via online updates and images. It’s a most rewarding, long-lasting, living souvenir – your own piece of paradise to invest in.

2. Protecting sea creatures

Few experiences rival a deep dive into our tropical underwater world, swimming among shimmering fish, majestic manta rays and a myriad of other marine animals. Protection of these species is critical, and The Nautilus is committed to this endeavour. For example, our resident marine biologist monitors nesting turtles and escorts them back into the ocean safely and quickly. Additionally, fishing and catching of crabs and lobster are prohibited within our coral reef and lagoon, and the sourcing of fish for our locally inspired, delicious dishes is strictly sustainable – to prevent overfishing.

3. Growing the largest living wall

Our expansive hedge of over 20,000 dhun’gethi bushes is more than just an attractive backdrop and natural privacy screen; it functions as a vast living wall, playing its part in reducing carbon emissions. Covering a total area of 1,700m², and boasting a length of 330 metres and a height reaching six metres, it is the largest living wall in the Indian Ocean. These indigenous plants, like all gardens on our island, are watered by natural rainfall or by harvested grey water.

4. Empowering the local workforce, preserving local culture

We are passionate about our home – and the people who call it home. The local culture is one of warmth, of rich traditions that cultivate the welcoming spirit of the island, and we consider it a privilege to participate in preserving this cultural heritage and strengthening the region’s economy. We focus on empowering local talent to achieve, succeed and thrive in their roles, and to enjoy trade relationships with local artisans and artists. Our neighbouring communities provide us with exquisite handicraft (including renowned Maldivian lacquer work) and lively musical entertainment (like traditional boduberu performances) for the enjoyment of our guests. On top of this, all our team members and suppliers are trained in sustainability and follow conscious business practices.

5. Creating conscious culinary masterpieces

We love creating all manner of meals to delight all manner of tastes. We only use the finest ingredients in our cuisine – and we’re convinced that quality ingredients are also those sourced in ethical and sustainable ways. Much of our fresh produce is grown in our own garden (our hibiscus, for example, makes a superb meat marinade) and seafood is purchased only through trusted local fishermen who use sustainable, low-impact fishing methods such as the traditional pole-and-line style. This approach to sourcing and catching fish has a four-fold benefit: it reduces pressure on the stock, reduces bycatch of unwanted species, protects Maldivian livelihoods and honours centuries of local tradition and culture.

6. Caring for community health

Our most recent CSR initiative is the funding of a Covid-19 PCR testing centre on Dharavandhoo Island, specifically set up to serve the Baa Atoll community, with any proceeds going towards the running of Dharavandhoo’s health centre. As one of the only PCR testing facilities in the region, the centre offers a vital service to all, as we also offer complimentary testing to Nautilus guests and staff.

As you begin dreaming up your Maldives getaway, you can rest assured that your trip will not only bring you the respite and adventure you crave, but also contribute towards a sustainable future on all levels.

Get in touch at hello@thenautilusmaldives to find out more.