The Nautilus Travel Guide FAQ - More Info

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  • 10% discount is applied
  • 可前往机场贵宾候机大厅,臻享便捷私人通道
  • 贵宾室舒适的移民及海关出入境服务
  • 迎宾福利,囊括香槟与美食拼盘
  • “可在任意时间任意地点享用”每日早餐
  • 可在日落前享用泳池酒吧精美熟食
  • 日常提供落日鸡尾酒
  • 可为两名 12 岁以下儿童提供免费住宿及餐饮
  • (提供儿童菜单所列餐饮)
  • 可视情况提前入住或延迟退房


Experiences that transcend generations

Providing the ultimate luxury resort experience for families, the Maldives is a wonderful & safe environment for you and your loved ones no matter what age your children are. That’s why we provide a plethora of activities upon the island from Young Wonderers for our young guests, to richly educational activities for teens. Encouraging relentless curiosity for our unique island surroundings, The Nautilus delights in offering bespoke family offerings to engage everyone.

For Families
Offering a myriad of experiences for the entire family, The Nautilus delights in creating tailor-made experiences that are holistic in nature yet rich in educational intention.
Young Wonderers
Boasting some of the Maldives’ best childcare facilities, Young Wonderers is our playful hub within the centre of the island, signifying the base for the extraordinary education programme we offer.
Young Adults
At The Natutilus, we recognise that our young adult guests are searching for experiences and opportunities that really capture the zeitgeist of the Gen-Z demographic.
Your Family Home

Our Residences are absolutely perfect for your family to stay. Offering a true ultra-luxe resort experience for you and your family, your House or Residence offers expansive living and outdoor areas, everyone has the space to do as they please.