The Nautilus Travel Guide FAQ - More Info

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  • 10% discount is applied
  • 可前往机场贵宾候机大厅,臻享便捷私人通道
  • 贵宾室舒适的移民及海关出入境服务
  • 迎宾福利,囊括香槟与美食拼盘
  • “可在任意时间任意地点享用”每日早餐
  • 可在日落前享用泳池酒吧精美熟食
  • 日常提供落日鸡尾酒
  • 可为两名 12 岁以下儿童提供免费住宿及餐饮
  • (提供儿童菜单所列餐饮)
  • 可视情况提前入住或延迟退房


Events|Experience, 14.Sep.2021


With just 26 incredibly spacious Houses and Residences on the island each with its private freshwater infinity pool, extensive private deck as well as a personal House Master offering exclusive full butler services, The Nautilus is perfect for a private family retreat or an intimate escape with a conscious lack of interaction with others in order to honour safety under the current climate. Below is an overview of what The Nautilus is doing to ensure our guests optimum safety and absolute relaxation.

1. A private seaplane to minimise contact

  • The Nautilus’ private seaplane is available to fly you and your loved ones directly from the airport to the island, avoiding any unnecessary contact with anyone. Upon arrival at Velana International Airport, all guests are picked up directly from the aircraft and individually escorted to the exclusive CIP lounge (Maamehi Executive Lounge). No queuing is required as all matters regarding immigration, baggage (which will be disinfected for you) and customs will be handled by the VIP lounge personnel, further minimising contact with other travellers.
    2. Dining anywhere, anytime
    The island offers à la carte dining anywhere, anytime with no additional incurrences. Time stands still at The Nautilus, therefore there are no set opening and closing times for the island’s three restaurants; come as you please with eternal personal3. Wholly private excursions
    All experiences you embark upon on the island are free of time restraints and wholly private to you and your loved ones making safety certain for all excursions.

4. Complimentary Covid-19 testing

The Nautilus has also recently undertaken a major CSR initiative to support the local community, especially the people of Baa atoll, by funding the installation of a PCR testing facility in a specially created area within the healthcare centre on Dharavandhoo Island. Testing is carried out by the health centre. The facility is just twenty minutes by luxury yacht from The Nautilus. This is one of the only PCR testing facilities within the Baa atoll. In addition to providing COVID-19 testing for guests and staff of The Nautilus on a complimentary basis, the facility will also cater to the testing needs of the local community members. Any revenue generated by this initiative goes directly to the health centre of Dharavandhoo.

5. Consciously spaced dining spaces with new offerings

The team at The Nautilus have not only used this time away from the bustling world to reflect and realign, but have also completed an abundance of enhancements to the island to accentuate The Nautilus’ ethereal aura even more. Despite menus at The Nautilus’ being mere suggestions, new menus for all three restaurants have been introduced providing guests further epicurean inspiration.

6. Packges with safety in mind

  • The Nautilus Maldives has implemented a new package; ‘Freedom at The Nautilus’ which will no doubt secure your yearning to indulge. You can enjoy precious moments with loved ones from September 1st to December 26th2020 and receive an exceptional one-off discount of 35% off the total price of your stay.Hire out the entirety of The Nautilus and experience a private island all to yourself with loved ones with ‘An Ultra Luxe Island all to Yourself’ package including a personal butler to take care of your every need and daily sunset cocktails. Ensure you and your loved ones have ultimate privacy, safety and relaxation with this island buy-out option.Our ‘Workation’ package allows you to work remotely from paradise. Available to experience for up to 28 days (or more if you prefer), The Nautilus houses and residences make working from paradise the most luxurious experience ever. Our Young Wonderers club provides an extensive educational programme for your children whilst we provide you with luxury office amenities to maintain productiveness.