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  • 10% discount is applied
  • 可前往机场贵宾候机大厅,臻享便捷私人通道
  • 贵宾室舒适的移民及海关出入境服务
  • 迎宾福利,囊括香槟与美食拼盘
  • “可在任意时间任意地点享用”每日早餐
  • 可在日落前享用泳池酒吧精美熟食
  • 日常提供落日鸡尾酒
  • 可为两名 12 岁以下儿童提供免费住宿及餐饮
  • (提供儿童菜单所列餐饮)
  • 可视情况提前入住或延迟退房


Destination, 30.Mar.2021


“Where the sky meets the sea, perfect bliss in perfect harmony can be found”

The Maldives is naturally blessed with tourmaline seas and cashmere soft sand. Offering endless opportunities to experience the country’s beauty, The Nautilus understands that each individual wants to experience the natural elements of the Maldives in their own unique way. From secret beachside cinema’s to simply sandbank luncheons, the best beach activities in the Indian Ocean are yours to enjoy.

Here is a roundup of some of the best activities you can enjoy on The Nautilus’ private beach…

  1. Showtime in your own time

Your impromptu private cinema will project any film you desire – from the latest release to a timeless classic, accompanied by your bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks. Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks.

Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke BBQ dishes prepared exactly to your tastes. This is showtime in your time. Explore more here.

  1. Naiboli: the ultimate beachside pool lounge

Just off The Nautilus’ main beach area, you’ll find infinity pool with The Nautilus iconic conch motif that lights up each and every evening with its stunning underwater fibre-optic lighting. Kick back, order a coconut and enjoy the daily complimentary canapés on offer all whilst taking in the endless view of the Baa atoll from the beach. Find out more here.

  1. Young Wonderers paradise

From fun-filled pirate themed days running through the white sands to competitive crab racing competition, The Nautilus’ Young Wonderers club understands that out little islanders’ imaginations will run wild if learning takes place amongst the natural beauty of the island, particularly the beach. To explore our incredible and customisable Young Wonderer education programmes, explore here.

  1. Cruise from the outside

Take a visit to AquaNautica, our watersports and diving centre, and get debriefed from the team regarding the endless possibilities you can enjoy on the island from beach to ocean. Why not try out stand-up paddle boarding and take a lap of the island, or even delve into the coral reef with the incredible sea-bob experience. Explore more here.

  1. Dine upon pristine sands

Fully immerse yourself in The Nautilus’ unscripted dining concept. Where menus are merely suggestions, you are free to curate your own bespoke dishes with the help of our executive chefs. With sand running through your feet, don’t forget to take in the outstanding views from the private beachside dinner.

We would love to help you begin crafting a world of your own making by contacting