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The Nautilus Travel Guide FAQ – More Info

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  • VIP приветствие по прибытии с самолета с фаст-треком. Оформление документов при пересечении границы, не выходя из VIP зала
  • Приветствие по прибытии, включая шампанское и деликатесы
  • Ежедневный завтрак «где угодно и когда угодно»
  • Легкие перекусы в баре у бассейна до заката
  • Ежедневные коктейли на закате
  • Бесплатное проживание и питание для двоих детей до 12 лет (дети питаются по детскому меню)
  • Ранний заезд и поздний выезд в зависимости от наличия свободных мест

*принять условия*

Events|Experiences, 21.Сен.2020

The best of The Nautilus Maldives in Just One Day

24 hours in paradise

If you had just 24 hours in paradise, how would you use your time most wisely? At the nautilus, time stands still; no clocks, just sunrise and sunset to determine what hour it is. That’s why 24 hours at the nautilus isn’t just a day, but a cherished moment you have created with loved ones.

A meditative wakeup call

Wake up naturally and slowly with a private yoga and meditation class from the comfort of your private house or residence. Our resident professional yogi will guide you through each individual pose, with the aim of creating a wave of serenity that encompasses your entire body and surroundings.

Bask in the soft morning rays

Head to our all day-dining pool lounge, Naiboli. Offering the quietly stylish ambiance a pool-side lounge should, bask in the morning sunshine from the comfort of the irresistibly comfy sun loungers and cabanas. You could even return back to Naiboli in the afternoon for a fresh offering of their all day complimentary canapés.

Set sail on Nautilus One

Aboard your late-morning private yacht, The Nautilus One, and head to Hanifaru Bay just 25 minutes from the shores of The Nautilus. Jump into the tourmaline seas and join the manta rays in their timeless dance as they perform a private show of their renowned whirling dervish for you. Our marine biologist will be on hand to point out the Baa atolls majestic underwater characteristics too. Enjoy a sensational gourmet lunch upon the top-deck of your yacht to discuss the nautical delights you’ve witnessed before heading back to the island.

Feel at home in your House or Residence

Enjoy some relaxation time from the privacy and comfort of your house or residence. Call upon our team of professional spa therapists from the island’s Solasta Spa and relax with a private massage upon your expansive outdoor decking area. Our houses and residences also all have freshwater temperature-controlled infinity pools. Whether you are staying in a Nautilus Beach House or Ocean Residence, perched over the lagoon, your freshwater infinity pool offers you the opportunity to cool down and slow down to witness the seemingly infinite views of the surrounding Baa atoll.

A true Nautilus experience

Begin winding down for the evening at sunset with The Nautilus renowned ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ experience. Available at any island location of your choice (but we would recommend the sandbank!), this dreamscape setting will allow you to enjoy the joys of your very own impromptu cinema. Projecting any film you desire – from contemporary to timeless classics, luxury canapés and vintage champagne will be arranged by our culinary team. This is show time on your time, and with absolutely no distractions.

Liberate your palate at Zeytoun

Turn your every epicurean whim into a reality with dinner at Zeytoun, The Nautilus’ signature fine dining restaurant. Zeytoun showcases Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavours – pure olive oils from the Aegean, freshly baked crusty breads and aromatic Turkish teas, all exquisitely crafted and served in refined comfort. Experience our sensational unscripted dining too. Where menus are merely suggestions and you are encouraged to veer off-script. Allow our chef to curate a dish based on the flavours and preferences you highlight and be amazed by their award-winning culinary masterpieces.

At The Nautilus, the unexpected is the norm

The Nautilus delights in offering totally tailored experiences for every single guest we welcome on to the island. Whether you decide you fancy a massage and breakfast at 3am, or want to create an unforgettable experience by booking out the entire island for yourself, we delight in catering to your every whim and desire.

We’d love to make your 24 hours or more in paradise an unforgettable experience. To enquire, contact at any time hello@thenautilusmaldives.com.

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