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Бронируйте напрямую с нами, и насладитесь преимуществами, перечисленными ниже, без минимального периода проживания
  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP-встреча по прилету, Вас встретят у трапа самолета и на лимузине доставят в комфортный VIP-зал, где иммиграционные и другие вопросы будут урегулированы от Вашего имени
  • Приветственные подарки, включая шампанское и тарелку с гастрономическими изысками
  • Ежедневный завтрак «в любом месте в любое время»
  • Фирменные мини-закуски подаются в течение дня в баре у бассейна
  • Приглашение на ежедневные коктейли на закате
  • Бесплатное проживание и питание вместе с родителями для двоих детей до 12 лет (блюда для детей доступны в детском меню)
  • Ранний заезд и поздний выезд по возможности, зависит от наличия свободных вилл в отеле

*принять условия*

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Moments of adoration curated for you at every turn…

Feel the pure sensation of timeless romance in the Maldives at The Nautilus. Where no experience is without the consideration of love enough to transcend time. Whether you have a budding spark, an eternally burning flame, allow The Nautilus to inspire you to celebrate love in its entirety. From discreet exchanges upon the sandbank to fanciful celebrations on island, you pick the perfect moment, and we’ll provide the bliss.

Satisfying your penchant for romance, discover The Nautilus’ more adored experiences to share with your loved one…

  1. Castaway exchanges

Surrender to love’s heart-warming embrace on the untouched shores of your own desert island or on a far-flung castaway sandbank admist surrounding turquoise waters. The Nautilus wedding team will help make all your whims and wishes come true by delivering a wedding celebration you will never forget upon your chosen island location; pure heaven.

  1. Boho beach rendezvous

Barefoot and unbound – celebrate your much-anticipated union upon a private white sand beach all to yourself. Your vows will rise with the ocean-breeze, lofting over the surf in a timeless Maldivian wedding ceremony that both of you will never forget.

  1. Your castaway utopia

Imagine your own secluded sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a beautiful setup created just for you, a personal barbecue chef to craft your bespoke dream menu and make your intimate soiree a truly magical one. Lounge on the beach, dine, imbibe, share and bask in the freedom of simply being.

  1. Showtime in your own time

Imagine a tantalising bespoke private dinner and private screening upon your secluded sandbank under starry skies – where you and your loved ones are the only people in the world who’ve been invited. Your impromptu private cinema will project any film you desire – from the latest release to a timeless classic, accompanied by your bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks. Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks. Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke barbecue dishes prepared exactly to your tastes. This is showtime in your time.

5.      Cruise À La Mode

Wake up slowly to the magnificent views of the Baa atoll’s tourmaline seas. Meet us at the pier in your own time to step aboard Nautilus One, your private yacht for as long as you decide. Indulge upon your private breakfast that is sure to delight your taste buds. Sparkling seas, sweeping panoramas and bespoke handmade treats; this is the ultimate floating breakfast in the Maldives.

We can’t wait to make your honeymoon the most unforgettable experience ever. To begin crafting your Nautilus love story, say hello at any time