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Бронируйте напрямую с нами, и насладитесь преимуществами, перечисленными ниже, без минимального периода проживания
  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP-встреча по прилету, Вас встретят у трапа самолета и на лимузине доставят в комфортный VIP-зал, где иммиграционные и другие вопросы будут урегулированы от Вашего имени
  • Приветственные подарки, включая шампанское и тарелку с гастрономическими изысками
  • Ежедневный завтрак «в любом месте в любое время»
  • Фирменные мини-закуски подаются в течение дня в баре у бассейна
  • Приглашение на ежедневные коктейли на закате
  • Бесплатное проживание и питание вместе с родителями для двоих детей до 12 лет (блюда для детей доступны в детском меню)
  • Ранний заезд и поздний выезд по возможности, зависит от наличия свободных вилл в отеле

*принять условия*

Destination|Уникальные впечатления, 01.May.2021

Home from Home: World Class home comforts at The Nautilus

The Nautilus acknowledges that the last year has been a tough one. We fundamentally believe that your favourite creature comforts should be at your very fingertips at any given time, particularly right now. That’s why we want to remind you that The Nautilus is your ultimate home to home holiday.

From private pool parties in your freshwater temperature controlled infinity pool to customised mini bars and even bespoke dishes created just for you by our chefs, The Nautilus is here to make sure every whim is made a reality for you and your loved ones.

Here are a handful of the Nautilus family’s personal recommendations for what makes our intimate island a true home from home…

1. Personalisation beyond comprehension

With your personal House Master contacting you even before you’ve arrived at The Nautilus to take note of your preferences and tastes, The Nautilus immediately sets the tone for how individualised your holiday with us will be.

2. Bask in the architectural spectacle

From framed vistas to the colour schemes and perpetual cylindrical motif taken from the nautilus shell, The Nautilus is a paradise compendium of rich architecture, design and consideration. Take the time to simply witness and explore the details of your House or Residence and fall in love with the island’s quietly confident bohemian energy. Your House or Residence at The Nautilus is your private space to create memories that last a life time in any way you choose to.


3. Private pool parties

Imagine your perfect party with a private DJ playing your favourite music, personalised cocktails and gourmet canapés curated by your personal bartender and chef.  All from the comfort of your House with private freshwater infinity pool, The Nautilus knows exactly what it takes to create beautifully crafted, fun-filled moments for you to share with your loved ones.

4. Gastonomic wonder

At The Nautilus, we know that sometimes you just want to dine with those you love, eating your favourite dishes that remind you of home. That’s why your personal chefs are on hand to secure these important moments.

Seconds, thirds, dessert – all at your discretion. A live band plays acoustic music well into the night, as a wash of stars ignite the sky. No reservations, no dress code, simply come as you are and drift into a gastronomic dream haven.


5. Your personalised spa journey

Sometimes you just need to stop, realign and relax. That’s exactly what the Solasta Spa does with its four overwater private treatment pavilions. Whether you need a massage at 3am, just a quick manicure or simply want to experience complimentary yoga session, The Nautilus Solasta Spa is yours to make your own.

We would love to help you begin crafting a world of your own making by contacting