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Destination|Family, 25.Aug.2020


It’s undeniably easy to become consumed by our daily lives. There’s an endless barrage of tasks, chores and daily stressors that leave us ungrounded and disconnected. This renders us incapable of giving the time and attention to the things and people that mean more to us than anything in the world.

When you travel with your family, not only do you allow for unique bonding experiences, you open a world of possibility, adventure and discovery for your children.

If you are looking for the perfect spot to immerse yourself in quality time with your loved ones, there’s no better place than The Nautilus in the Maldives. A haven of refined island living, this breathtaking resort is a private, tranquil oasis, imbued with an eccentric spirit that adds a touch of magic; it’s a veritable tropical wonderland for children.

The Nautilus is made even more enticing for families thanks to its fabled Young Wonderers kids’ club for children between the ages of three and 12 — but this is no ordinary kids’ club. Here, the activities are geared at encouraging a sense of curiosity and exploration, education and expression and can be tailored to the guests’ needs.

Curious to know more? Then here are five of the best things to do with children in the Maldives and at The Nautilus’ Young Wonderers club:

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 of the best things to do in the Maldives:

  1. An underwater treasure hunt

The moments we remember the most are those that touch the soul and ignite a feeling of unbridled joy. They are the unique moments spent in spectacular places with loved ones marking special occasions in marvellous ways.

If your little one is celebrating a birthday over your holiday, one of the best activities on offer is a truly memorable underwater treasure hunt in the shimmering lagoon at The Nautilus. Your House Master will help you create an unforgettable experience which will centre on an exhilarating and somewhat unusual snorkelling experience for you and your family.

With the House Master as your guide, you will embark on a magical one-hour snorkelling excursion that includes the discovery of a message in a bottle (a personalised occasion-specific message) and a number of other surprises.

2. A cooking class to remember

There’s something inexplicably special about being able to teach your children new skills, possibly awakening new talents and passions. One of the most incredible activities to do with your children in the Maldives and at The Nautilus is a child-friendly cooking class.

For this fun-filled activity, the resort’s chefs and bartenders will guide your little ones as they learn to make tasty dishes and deliciously fruity mocktails. The dishes could be anything from pizzas and pasta to cookies, or something entirely different like a delicious Maldivian curry. In fact, the menu can be entirely tailored to their preferences to ensure the experience is equal parts memorable and delicious.

3. An unforgettable dolphin adventure 

While dolphin watching excursions might be something other destination’s offer, the dolphin excursion for families at The Nautilus is simply in a league of its own.

This two-hour adventure is enhanced by the presence of the resident marine biologist, who will educate the children on the particular dolphins found in the Maldives as well as other interesting sea-related pearls of wisdom as the trip unfolds.

No two dolphin trips are the same at The Nautilus, as the captain of the ship will decide the best route based on sea conditions and possible best sighting spots on the day. It’s good to keep in mind that as the dolphins in the Maldives are wild it’s impossible to guarantee sightings, but this makes stellar encounters with them all the sweeter.

4. An enchanting nature walk

Families can join the knowledgeable resident gardener at The Nautilus on a soul-enriching walk around the resort to learn about the various endemic island plants, their properties and their unique characteristics. Families that enjoy arts and crafts will also be taught the fine art of Maldivian origami using coconut palm leaves — it’s authentic and immersive experiences like this that transform into memories that last a lifetime.

5. Sea-based experiences with the marine biologist

Enriching experiences with the resort’s marine biologist are not limited to the dolphin excursion for families in search of unforgettable moments. There are two other incredible sea-based activities that take place with the marine biologist as your guide. The first is a snorkelling experience, where the biologist acts as your guide and gives you insights into the treasure trove that is the ocean (where you and your family might even have the chance to snorkel with manta rays).

The second is the chance to partake in a coral adoption programme. The wellbeing of corals across the globe is threatened by rising ocean temperatures and The Nautilus is committed to doing their part to lessen the impact with their Coral Adoption Programme.

As a part of the programme, guests are invited to adopt a coral, which is then planted in the reef nursery. Coral frames are made of the iron rod and broken pieces from the house reef are expertly tied to the frame and gently placed in the lagoon nursery as part of a two-hour programme. You can adopt one of these pieces with your family and observe the coral planting process. When you return back home, you will be updated every six months on your frame’s progress. It’s a special activity to take on as a family that has an incredibly valuable educational element for our esteemed Young Wonderers.

The Nautilus is a quiet refuge with endless beaches lapped by cerulean waters. Each House is wonderfully separate from the next, and every meal, activity and programme can be tailored to the preferences of the guests — both big and little. With fairy tale qualities and unbelievable tropical surrounds, The Nautilus is the ultimate playground for your family; here, along shimmering golden sands and azure waters, you are sure to create memories that last a lifetime.