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  • VIP-Empfang bei der Ankunft vom Flughafen und private, schnelle Abfertigung bei der Pass- und Zollkontrolle aus dem Komfort einer VIP-Lounge.
  • Zum Willkommensempfang gehört Champagner und eine Gourmet-Speiseplatte.
  • Tägliches Frühstück „jederzeit und überall“.
  • Kleine Häppchen an der Pool-Bar bis zum Sonnenuntergang.
  • Tägliche Sonnenuntergangs-Cocktails.
  • Gratisaufenthalt und -mahlzeiten für Kinder unter 12 Jahren (Kinder essen von der Kinder-Speisekarte).
  • Frühes Einchecken und spätes Auschecken je nach Verfügbarkeit.

*Es gelten die Geschäftsbedingungen.*

Destination|Experiences|Lifestyle, 24.Jan.2021

What to know before you go to the Maldives

After what has been a difficult year for the travel industry worldwide with tourism declining by 68% in 2020 alone, the Maldives has made a remarkable comeback with many travel corridors opening for the 26 atolls of paradise islands. Of course, all islands including The Nautilus have had to adapt and change in order to suit the changing times and heightened safety requirements of guests and visitors alike.


Take a look at what The Nautilus recommends you should know ahead of your Baa Atoll escape…

  1. Free testing for all Nautilus guests

With country entry rules changing weekly, The Nautilus is proud to remove the stress of getting a PCR covid-19 test within 72 hours away by offering free in-house testing for all no matter where you are coming or returning from. If guests would like a test at any point during their stay, The Nautilus is able to organise Covid-19 PCR testing onsite for guest convenience with results returned within 24 hours.

  1. The Nautilus CIP service

At The Nautilus, we understand that social-distancing is paramount to our guests. That’s why The Nautilus’ unique CIP arrival service is more important than ever. Be greeted directly at the door of your private jet or commercial flight and be escorted to the international airport’s private VIP lounge where baggage, immigration and customs are dealt with on your behalf. Personalised distancing at its best – avoid all queues and simply relax whilst The Nautilus looks after you.

  1. The Nautilus location

With just 26 immensely private houses and residences on the beach or perched above the lagoon all with temperature controlled freshwater infinity pools and expansive decks, The Nautilus offers a private island experience no matter what house category you are staying in. With each house offering enough space for you to feel completely secluded, you’ll experience the ultimate luxury solution to social-distancing.

  1. The Nautilus is prepared

The Nautilus has created it’s very own travel guide just for you, our guests, so you can feel assured that we are doing all we can in order to prioritise your safety and relaxation. To explore the whole travel guide, simply click here.

To further explore what makes The Nautilus a truly spectacular Maldivian getaway, say hello to the team at hello@thenautilusmaldives.com, or find out more at www.thenautilusmaldives.com

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