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  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP-Empfang bei der Ankunft vom Flughafen und private, schnelle Abfertigung bei der Pass- und Zollkontrolle aus dem Komfort einer VIP-Lounge.
  • Zum Willkommensempfang gehört Champagner und eine Gourmet-Speiseplatte.
    Tägliches Frühstück „jederzeit und überall“.
  • Kleine Häppchen an der Pool-Bar bis zum Sonnenuntergang.
    Tägliche Sonnenuntergangs-Cocktails.
  • Gratisaufenthalt und -mahlzeiten für Kinder unter 12 Jahren (Kinder essen von der Kinder-Speisekarte).
    Frühes Einchecken und spätes Auschecken je nach Verfügbarkeit.

**Es gelten die Geschäftsbedingungen.**

ERLEBNISSE, 05.Jul.2020


In the warm embrace of coruscating tourmaline-blue Indian Ocean waters lies a sublime tropical haven; a private resort island in the Maldives that redefines the meaning of ‘five-star hotel’ in a world where the concept of luxury has been diluted. The Nautilus, with its pristine white shores, verdant tropical gardens and crystalline waters, opens up a world of refined bohemian living, an enchanting island retreat for discerning, free-spirited souls, who seek only the finest offerings in life.

This haven of barefoot luxury invites guests to embrace liberating indulgences without the shackles of social constraints and time. Here, you don’t need to conform to any arbitrary rules, keep to any schedules or abide by restrictions — at this private island resort, you are free to dance to the beat of your own drum and focus on the things and the people that matter most to you.

At The Nautilus, you can simply be.

So what inspired the creation of this rare gem? The story of The Nautilus can’t be traced back to one moment or idea; much like a nautilus shell, it encapsulates many facets.

A unique vision

Located in the Baa Atoll in the heart of a UNESCO Biosphere, The Nautilus is privately owned by a well-known Maldivian entrepreneur. After decades of playing a fundamental role in the Maldivian tourism industry itself, as well as in the creation of several fabled resorts in the Maldives, he had a profound realisation. He noticed that despite the abundance of five-star hotels in the Maldives (and in fact, around the world) offering dream vacations, guests were still bound by time restraints (from programmed activities to restaurant and spa opening hours) and outdated ideas of hospitality.

This realisation led him to want to find out more — what else was missing from the global luxury travel market and how could he create the finest resort in the world to fulfil all the needs of his guests?

His quest took him through unbelievable amounts of research to understand what exactly was missing from the luxury segment. In the process, he dissected some of the most iconic properties across the globe and spoke to people from his ideal target market to hone in on all the missing elements and what could be offered at his resort that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

All of his findings led to a novel concept and vision. He decided that he wanted to create an iconic island resort that exists in a league of its own not just locally, but globally, and where guests can enjoy the freedom of their time in paradise in a manner which ensures they’re not confined by it.

He wanted to create a resort where the offering is so unique and personalised that practically anything is possible.

The inception of The Nautilus

The ambitious vision transformed into a reality with The Nautilus; a tropical haven, a home away from home, where everything is designed around the needs of the guests, most notably, the need to escape from the chaos, formality and the stressful hustle and bustle of their daily lives. At the core of this resort is the belief that guests should be able to have a place to engage in meaningful, transformative experiences at their own pace in a laid back and relaxed bohemian-chic atmosphere.

The Maldives, the islands and the offerings are immensely special to the resort’s owner. Having grown up in these exotic surrounds, it’s little surprise that they shaped him. This gorgeous home country of his inspired him to build a stunning and much-loved oasis that will allow guests to experience the real Maldives and more than that, a sense of new, stealth and casual luxury in a relaxed atmosphere shared with like-minded individuals.

The actual island on which The Nautilus was built, with its 26 Houses and Residences, was carefully considered and chosen. After the extensive research into the number of rooms to include at what would surely become the ultimate luxury resort, it was clear that a small island with very limited accommodation would work beautifully. 26 Houses and Residences would ensure that meaningful, transformative experiences could be tailored and executed while offering maximum privacy at all times.

Moreover, this natural island, an integral part of the resort’s legacy, is characterised by a wealth of indigenous flora, the soft white-sand natural beach (which, unlike many other islands, was not man-made) and its exceptional coral house reef, home to an array of exotic marine life. The island serves as the ideal location for a resort that strives to be in a league of its own.

One thing is certain; this luxury boutique resort promises an unparalleled holiday in paradise, one vastly different to the kind you would have at any of the other five-star hotels in the world.

The idea of luxury paradise personified

By filling in the blanks of what was missing from other luxury experiences and hotels across the globe, The Nautilus is the epitome of a home away from home for discerning sophisticates. Some of the unique features of this resort include dedicated House Masters per House or Residence (who reach out to guests prior to their arrival to ensure they can cater to their guests’ preferences from the moment they arrive),  CIP service at the airport which practically eliminates any airport admin and hassle, free-spirited private experiences and unscripted dining (where the menu itself serves as inspiration more than anything).

The Houses and Residences are not simple villas or bungalows, but instead, spacious abodes, that represent comforts of home complete with all the best amenities and gadgets, private pools with temperature controls and extensive outdoor areas.  What’s more, the island’s low key count means truly personalised experiences for guests from the minute they disembark from the private luxury aircraft to the moment they leave.

These are just some of the hallmark characteristics that make The Nautilus unforgettable and best in class.

A much-needed sanctum for free-spirited sophisticates

 The new bohemian luxury of The Nautilus opens up a world of comfort, warmth and unpretentious design. It’s not eclectic or cluttered, instead it’s meticulous and sophisticated and balances timeless elegance with relaxed bohemian zeitgeist. At this sophisticated island home, there are no rules or the shackles of past definitions of luxury.

It’s the ideal place for those who crave uninhibited freedom — the opportunity to just be, a fine reprieve from the many masks and various identities that we take on in our daily lives in order to conceal inhibitions and insecurities. Here, you don’t need to tailor your personality to meet any of life’s expectations and pressures that make you feel detached, restricted and bound by social constraints. Here you can embrace freedom unconditional.

The Nautilus is for the free-spirited sophisticates — the type of people who know what they want and know how to get it. They are in need of time and space for themselves, for the simple act of contemplation and meditation, to re-evaluate goals and ideals. This is the ultimate home for them where they can connect with loved ones, beyond the pressures of daily life, share their time with like-minded individuals and relish shared passions. Ultimately, The Nautilus is where they are entirely free to be themselves.

The inspiration of the gorgeous nautilus shell

The fabled nautilus shell (from pelagic marine molluscs) with its logarithmic spiral of pearlesque chambers, has long served as inspiration for artists, writers and mathematicians, thanks to its staggering beauty and the wondrous nature of the shelled-creature itself. It’s little wonder then, that the simplistic perfection of the nautilus shell has inspired the creation of a resort as well.

The symbol of the iridescent shell is entrenched in the very identity of The Nautilus, which like the shell itself, boasts an iconic circular design that centres on absolute natural perfection in every facet, togetherness, inner harmony and life. The Nautilus is where you can live out exceptional days with your loved ones in unique ways, the memories of which are bound to stay with you for the rest of time.

As you arrive at this resort, you are gifted with a nautilus symbol of your own, a welcome into the family and the inner circle of the resort. Here, in luxurious Houses and Residences, you can tailor-make your holiday, with each special facet and detail personalised to your needs and wishes a holiday at what is made to feel like your very own private island.

The particular parallels to Jules Verne’s Nautilus

In Jules Verne’s fabulous novels, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island, the Nautilus is a submarine-like vessel commandeered by Captain Nemo. Verne described the vessel as “a masterpiece containing masterpieces” which also aptly sums up this resort island of the same name. The Nautilus submarine was fabled for its unrivalled amenities which were non-existent in any other ship at the time. The resort island and fictional submarine both centre on a sense of adventure, individuality and unprecedented offerings.

At this exquisite resort, you might notice the subtle reference to the Verne novels. From quotes, themed artworks and stories to the books themselves, this golden thread is woven effortlessly throughout the resort to enhance the multifaceted story of The Nautilus.

All of these ideas, inspirations and facets have culminated in an exceptional private island resort which has introduced a new type of luxury to the Maldives, one that is rare, sophisticated and truly unique. The Nautilus boasts the fusion of elegance and boho-luxe flair, but it still allows for simplicity and refinement.

The Nautilus is a destination in its own right, where highly personalised services and the highest quality offerings are simply part of the journey. Guests here are invited to surrender to tranquility, freedom and the truly valuable things in life, like spending memorable moments with your most important people.

Experience the refined island lifestyle surrounded by mesmerising tropical beauty for yourself at The Nautilus, where you are free to choose how your holiday in paradise unravels.