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  • 10% discount is applied
  • VIP-Empfang bei der Ankunft vom Flughafen und private, schnelle Abfertigung bei der Pass- und Zollkontrolle aus dem Komfort einer VIP-Lounge.
  • Zum Willkommensempfang gehört Champagner und eine Gourmet-Speiseplatte.
    Tägliches Frühstück „jederzeit und überall“.
  • Kleine Häppchen an der Pool-Bar bis zum Sonnenuntergang.
    Tägliche Sonnenuntergangs-Cocktails.
  • Gratisaufenthalt und -mahlzeiten für Kinder unter 12 Jahren (Kinder essen von der Kinder-Speisekarte).
    Frühes Einchecken und spätes Auschecken je nach Verfügbarkeit.

**Es gelten die Geschäftsbedingungen.**

ERLEBNISSE|Lifestyle, 06.Oct.2020


The Maldives is home to 26 atolls and upwards of 1000 individual islands. The Nautilus is lucky enough to be at the very heart of the baa atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere reserve at the very heart of northern Maldives.

Arriving to The Nautilus in the Baa atoll is a completely seamless journey for those staying with us at The Nautilus. Your journey begins as soon as your flight lands. You’ll be greeted as you disembark your flight directly on the runway and escorted to a private VIP lounge where immigration, luggage and other process will be taken care of on your behalf. From the lounge, you’ll be ushered onto our private luxury seaplane and whisked away to our perfect corner of the Baa atoll where you personal House Master will be waiting for you.

Explore here the four reasons why the Baa atoll is so unique and what whimsical experiences you can enjoy…

  1. A UNESCO Biosphere reserve

The Baa Atoll is considered as globally significant with regards to its immense biodiversity and ecosystem. It covers approximately 139,700 hectares of ground and the atoll is highly representative of the Maldives’ high diversity of marine species in its entirety. What’s more, Baa atoll is located slightly north of the Kaashidhoo channel. This specific channel geographically separates the northern chain of atolls from the central chain.

The Nautilus recommends: Set sail upon Nautilus One, The Nautilus’ private luxury yacht and explore the sensational views of the Baa atoll from the comfort of the top deck.

  1. Hanifaru Bay

Located just 15 minutes away from The Nautilus via luxury speed boat, Hanifaru Bay is the absolute epitome of why the Baa atoll’s biodiversity is a world renowned ecological site. A perfectly proportioned flank to the east of the Baa region, Hanifaru bay is home to some of the largest gatherings of manta rays in the world as well as whale sharks. Gorging on the plankton that naturally occurs in abundance during certain peaks of the year, witness these gentle-giants as they glide through the tourmaline blue seas.

The Nautilus recommends: Why not experience this once-in-a-lifetime sighting in Hanifaru Bay itself?

  1. The Home at The Nautilus

Your private retreat tucked away in a discreet location within the stunning Baa atoll region, The Nautilus is home to 26 immensely luxurious houses and residences. Where time stands still, The Nautilus is a refuge where you and your loved ones have the freedom to simply be.

The Nautilus recommends: Our truly bespoke package, ‘A Dream Haven for The Entire Family, is available to you in order to experience the Maldives with your loved ones in the most ethereal setting.

  1. Home to Maldivian culture and local life

Whilst the Baa atoll is fortunate to have a scattering of resorts and private retreats including The Nautilus, there is also a handful, 13, of local islands that remain inhabited by a discreet population of 11,000. For local Maldivians, these islands remain their permanent home, maintaining the truly rich and quietly confident Maldivian culture.

The Nautilus recommends: Explore a local island for yourself and engage with local life with The Nautilus’ local island discovery.

We’d love to make your Baa Atoll adventure an unforgettable experience. To enquire, contact at any time